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What our clients say

“We have used Reliance Recoveries as our sole debt collection agency since 2005 and have always been more than happy with the services and professionalism of Donna and the Reliance Recoveries team. We have used other collection companies in the past... Read more..

“Reliance Recoveries offered a cost effective service, and [were] able to understand the needs of a small to medium sized enterprises. We have valued Reliance’s efficient process, and high performance collections results. We have always had excellent... Read more..

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Tired Of Chasing Bad Debts?  Worried About Having To Pay Costly Legal Fees For Debt Collection (Victoria)?

Sent a Final Letter of Demand And Had No Response?


If you’re seeking help with debt collection, Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia, you want to know the next step to recovering YOUR money. Some debt recovery companies think letters alone will recover a bad debt. Others go in hard with expensive, legal action with no chance of being enforced.  If you’ve already lost enough money chasing debt, at least get your time back by calling Reliance Recoveries now.


How can Reliance Recoveries Help Your Business with Debt Collection?


At Reliance Recoveries we don’t just make phone calls. And we don’t involve your organisation in costly debt collection legal action unless there is no alternative.


Benefit from our comprehensive 7 step program, incorporating techniques refined over more than 15 years experience in debt collection.  Check out more unique and effective Debt Recovery methods used by Reliance Recoveries debt collectors.


Here’s what sets Reliance Recoveries apart from other Victorian debt collection agencies:


  • Thorough knowledge of debt collection from over eleven years of operation means an individually tailored approach can be developed for your debt collection requirements
  • A persistent and tenacious approach means the debtor finds it difficult to make excuses or empty promises to pay
  • Full investigation of each debtor before anyone makes a phone call
  • Building rapport rather than using threats helps to preserve the relationship between you and your customer, and legal action may never be needed, saving you money
  • No matter the size of the debt, the approach is consistent, each debtor is treated with the same tenacity, ensuring you receive the same quality service each time
  • Taking over your debt collection takes the pressure off you, Concentrate instead on generating quality business for clients you know will pay their bills


Why not call Reliance Recoveries now to find out how our 7 Step approach to Debt Collection recovers More Money, More Often for your business...

More Money Collected More Often